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   Use this calendar to schedule projects that have already been approved, or an order has been placed through this website.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION on the calendar; please submit a form, or email CDSHI for personal security reasons.

***PROJECTS IN WHITE ARE BLOCKED, and cannot be double-booked***

**If your project is GREEN, you are active; BLUE, on pause (waiting on something; materials, etc.); RED, stopped, interrupted; PURPLE, completed.

Mon. 8/21 All day New moon
Tue. 8/29 All day First quarter
Fri. 9/1 All day CDS Online

Web start date

Wed. 9/6 All day Full moon
Mon. 9/11 All day Patriot Day
Wed. 9/13 All day Last quarter
Wed. 9/20 All day New moon
Thu. 9/28 All day First quarter
Thu. 10/5 All day Full moon
Thu. 10/12 All day Last quarter
Thu. 10/19 All day New moon
Fri. 10/27 All day First quarter
Tue. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sat. 11/4 All day Full moon
Fri. 11/10 All day Last quarter
Sat. 11/11 All day Veterans Day
Sat. 11/18 All day New moon
Sun. 11/26 All day First quarter
Sun. 12/3 All day Full moon
Sun. 12/10 All day Last quarter
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